ABC Schools

The ABC Curriculum is founded and designed by Dr S Y Govender.  Dr Govender, together with his wife Rochelle, gives apostolic oversight to both Ralph and Michelle and the GMH family.  This curriculum is being used worldwide as a tool to train and equip believers not for academics but for lifestyle.  We need the Word to become flesh.  These schools also help believers to function autonomously. They understand their authority in the Word and Spirit.

We as a Household of Faith have adopted this curriculum and have taken it to nations to resource the Body of Christ.  We have witnessed believers develop into disciples and into sons of God that are bearing the image of the Jesus Christ the pattern Son.

You can visit the following link to receive more free resources as well as the first ten lessons of the ABC School. 

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You may also download the first 10 lessons of ABC on the links below:


Principles of Migration
Engineering Details
Apostolic People
Elijah Anointing
Beyond your measure
The False Church
The True Church
The Charismatic Church